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Jun 04, 2013 at 03:56 PM

Values in internal table appear as '00000' in debug mode


I am passing an internal table to smartform as interface parameter.

In the print program, the values are correctly populated into the internal table;

But when I debug the same internal table in smartform, the value column shows '00000' whereas, double clicking the internal table name, I can see the data in it.

In the report, I am using the append statement also:


k_konv_item TO


Then, I am passing this itab to smartform:



i_item = i_item
i_cond = i_cond
i_cond_item = i_konv_item


Now, I need to put a loop on this itab in the smartform and need to display the values item-wise.

When I do that with a where condition in the loop, the work area is blank and not fetching any value.

But, if I do the loop without any condition, then the data gets fetched into the work area! but I want the data to be fetched based on condition. 😔

Could anyone help me in this issue please?