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Former Member
Jun 04, 2013 at 02:59 PM

Pt60 schema issues


We are having issues where times are entered, approved,transferred and evalauated but still not showing up in the ZL table for the payroll calculation. I can see the attendances in the employee's HR record and the payroll is still not picking them up and calculating them.

I think the user is selecting the incorrect schema (i.e. just using the default standard schema) but have no way to back it up. In payroll, i can easily see what schema was used to generate the payroll in the Version section of the results in pc_payresult.

is there an equilivant transaction that i can use in time so see that schema was used?

if not, how can i tell what schema was used.

Finally, is the times exist on the employee HR record, is there any reason the payroll would not include them in the calculation? (i.e. is the issue solely wiht time eval or could it be a payroll schema issue as well)