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Jun 04, 2013 at 02:22 PM



hi All,

The CV01N trx worked just fine few days back. But, now is throwing the below error when checked in SLG1:

An error occurred when calling module SCMS_DOC_CREATE_FILES

Message no. 1R579


Exception number 7 occurred when function module SCMS_DOC_CREATE_FILES was called with document XXXXXXXXXXX

In CV01N trx - the file path in error is displayed as:

Error while checking in and storing: <Upload Path>\1

whereas earlier it showed the correct file path as below:

<Upload Path>\<filename>

I have checked the below already, and the components are as given below:

-Content server 6.40 on Windows 2003

-IIS V 6.0

-MaxDB –, ODBC Driver version –

The HTTP Get test, HTTP Content server connection test, Certificate in CSADMIN are just fine. Full access to the Content server folder.

refered links:

Please advise if anyone has encountered the same / similar error.