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Jun 04, 2013 at 02:07 PM

customization of HWC in blackberry in SUP 2.2



I want to customize HWC in Blackberry in SUP 2.2.

for this I am using Eclipse Java Blackberry Plugin 2.0 and Blackberry SDK ver 7.1.

I requested three .csi files from blackberry site and installed it in eclipse plugin.I registered it successfully and got three mail for the same.

Then to generate a .key file I have used Blackberry Sign in Authority tool ver1.0. I followed the steps,mentioned in this

I included the .key file in HybridWebContainer project ->src folder and signed the .cod file by using File Signer tool(available with Blackberry Sign in Authority tool).

Then I have changed the icon of the HWC container and Modified the getCodeSignerId() in to return key name.

Then I right click on project then selected Blackberry->Sign with Signature tool and signed all .cod files using private key that I have defined at the time of .csi installation.

this customized .cod is running fine in simulator but when I tried to install it in my BlackBerry Bold 9900(OS 7.0),I got exception:"Controlled Access Exception. I edited the permission of app "Allow" in device.but got the same error.

Even to install this on device ver 7.0 I have to change the version 7.1.0 to 7.0.0 in .alx file then I am able to install it in device using Desktop Software.

Please help me.