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Jun 04, 2013 at 11:25 AM

JSM : Queries



We are strongly considering to use JSM but have a few questions. Appreciate if you could help me with the following questions

Some concerns we hvae are the following :

a) If we use JR in our workflow, we would need integration with SD or CHARM. Is this mandatory? There was a question on how this was being don in the earlier times when SD or CHARM was not part of solution manager portfolio. The cocern is that SD and CHARM configuraiton is a considerable effort for us at this point in time and hence we want to keep the JR//JD workflow out of this and keep it lean for now

b) we cancreate JD directly without creating JR? i assume yes as this is the feedback i received elsewhere also. Its understood that JR allows an end user to create a jobrequest which IT can convert automatically to a job document. But what if i ask the end user to create directly a job document (wiht appropriate training ofcoures). If so, what are the best practice are ware going ot miss out on? Any details would really help us with this question

c) i observed that filling the JD directly is "slightly" different compared to creating a JR. One observation was we need to select the logincal component out of a multiple list of systems while in JR only the systems ot which the business partner was assigned to are showin in F4. So it looked to me that creating a JR was more user friendly . But could you please help us list such differences/problems which you already know while filling directly the JD without having a JR

d) we are trying to setup the integration between solution manager 7.1 and our external job scheduler UC4. Recenlty UC4 has received certification for SAP solman integration but as of now there is not much documentation available. Would you know if this integrationworks the same way as CPS integration? Would it be possible to release a job from solution manager directly to UC4 without having to renter the job details again?