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Jun 04, 2013 at 11:05 AM

MBO for BAPI_CUSTOMER_FIND - Setting values for load arguments



I am trying to create a MBO for the SAP BAPI BAPI_CUSTOMER_FIND. The requirement is to create a simple customer search application (Hybrid) using wildcards such that the user can search for example CH* and the app will display all customers with names starting with CH. I was able to create the MBO using drag and drop and selecting to create the MBO for attributes. When I test execution it works fine provided that i default some of the input parameters as seen below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Workflow xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="WorkflowClient.xsd" >
<DefaultScreens activation="" credentials=""/>
<Action name="Customer_findAll" sourcescreen="" targetscreen="" errorscreen="" errorlogskey="ErrorLogs" errorlogmessagekey="ErrorLogMessage" errorlogmessageaslistkey="ErrorLogMessageAsList">
<Method name="findAll" type="search" mbo="Customer" package="CustomerLookupMBO:1.0" showCredScreenOnAuthFailure="true" >
<InputBinding optype="none" opname="findAll" generateOld="false">
<OutputBinding generateOld="true">
<Mapping workflowKey="Customer" workflowType="list" mboType="list">
<Mapping workflowKey="Customer_COMP_CODE_attribKey" workflowType="text" attribName="COMP_CODE" mboType="string"/>
<Mapping workflowKey="Customer_TABNAME_attribKey" workflowType="text" attribName="TABNAME" mboType="string"/>
<Mapping workflowKey="Customer_FIELDNAME_attribKey" workflowType="text" attribName="FIELDNAME" mboType="string"/>
<Mapping workflowKey="Customer_FIELDVALUE_attribKey" workflowType="text" attribName="FIELDVALUE" mboType="string"/>
<Mapping workflowKey="Customer_CUSTOMER_attribKey" workflowType="text" attribName="CUSTOMER" mboType="string"/>
</Mapping> </OutputBinding>

Issue: The issue I am having is with the input parameters, more specifically the complex structure SELOPT_TAB. The other issue is when I generate the Hybrid code, the workflowclient.xml does not contain any input bindings. As a result, when i call this through the application, the BAPI does not return any results. I tried to use personalization parameters and mapped them through to the load arguments however the values that i have defined for the complex structure does not pull through to the backend. Am I missing something?

Thanks in Advance.

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