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Jun 04, 2013 at 09:10 AM

NWBC : sidepanel & attachments via chip page BSSP_SP_NOTES


Dear experts,

Can any one help us to explain where the documents are stored which you can add via this chip page BSSP_SP_NOTES ?

For many GUI transactions, especially in Finance, this sidepanel is availalbe to link files and attachments.

We would like to use this, but it is unclear how this fits with the present way of attaching documents to SAP objects.

Why can't we see using this chip the documents that were already linked as attachment via object services ?

How can we attach automatically documents, e.g. scanned invoices ?

Where is the info stored used in the sidepanel ? Which functions / BAPIs are available to generate the links ?

Thanks for your answers,

Dirk De Ridder