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Jun 04, 2013 at 08:08 AM

Sender IDOC Adapter (AEX) - EOIO queue name from we20, qRFC



I have configured queue processing in we20 partner profile for a given message type in erp system. In former releases of pi with abap idoc adapter it was possible to pass the queue name generated from erp to the pi system. Thus dynamical queue names could be created and forwarded to pi in case of EOIO communication. However java sender idoc adapter does not forward the queue name from erp anymore. The parameter "queue name" in idoc sender channel (aex) is mandatory and I can not enable EOIO without defining a given queue name. Does anybody have an idea how I can configure the idoc adapter to forward the queue name from erp system?

System is PI 7.31 SP6, so according to the release notes qRFC should be supported: