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Former Member
Jun 04, 2013 at 05:55 AM

Error in building android application


Hi All,

I am trying to build an android application which will interact with the netweaver gateway provided in the SAP demo system. I am referring to the following article

I have set up the android development environment as per using the latest adt bundle for windows. It has eclipse 4.2.1 and android sdk 4.2 and 2.2. I have developed 2 android applications for targets 2.2 and 4.2 and both are working fine implying that android development environment is ok.

Then I have installed NW Gateway plugin for eclipse and set up the connections properly. I also downloaded the android ODATA mobile SDK and configured it properly in NW Gateway plugin setting. Then I tried to create the project as per the article. The wisard apperared and I was able to create the screens. But when I clicked the finish button in the wizard, I get an error

Project has no file! Edit the project properties to set one.

There is no space in the path of android sdk.

I am totally stuck and unable to resolve this issue. Kindly help me.

thanks and regards,