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Jun 04, 2013 at 05:31 AM

Delivery issue against scheduling agreement's line item


Hi All,

We are following planning strategy "40" and sales scheduling agreement. When I try to do delivery against scheduling agreement's line item, system shows error with "only 0 EA material available”. We have 'n' number of JIT lines against material which is mentioned in scheduling agreement. For some of the schedule line I can able to delivery. When I check the "availability check" with "02" and checking rule as "A" as well "B" through CO09, system shows the stock value as well as confirmed qty against each and every line item which are not yet delivered. But, receipt qty is showing less than issue qty. I don't think so any missing configuration settings, because I can able to do delivery for some of the line item for the same material as well as other materials too. Why system not shows with qty while during delivery even though when we have enough stock in specified storage location. How to check whether stock in unrestricted area is already assigned with some other requirement? (We are following only scheduling agreement, not sales order). I have analyzed the stock through MMBE, I couldn't able to find any reservation as well as "schedule for delivery".