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Jun 03, 2013 at 05:19 PM

FIM 10.0 for BOFC ETL - Clarifications


Hi All,

I have some questions on BOFC and FIM integration. You can answer as many as possible 😉.

1. Is it possible to select move data from BOFC system to flat file using FIM 10. I do not remember seeing target as flat file during the FIM job creation. Can anyone confirm this?

2. Is it possible to create BW 7.3 as a data store? I am aware that it can connect with BW 7.1 not sure about 7.3.

3. Can multiple users execute same FIM job simultaneously? if yes what is the upper limit

4. Can multiple users execute FIM jobs simultaneously? any upper limit (I can guess the system configuration matters here.. still any observation)

5. Is there any limitations on the data volume that can be loaded in a single job run?

6. I guess the data loaded from say BW to BOFC will be saved in the FIM layer, Please confirm this..

7. in the above question if the answers is yes, will it have the same data structure like BW? how can I reconcile the data easily..

8. When the data is moved to BOFC through FIM, what are the options to do the data reconciliation. May be Webi? if yes will I need BO 4.0 in the landscape as I am using FIM 10.0

9. Is it possible to load data to FIM only from a source .. ECC or BW?

I know there many questions in a single post.. you can answer the ones you want to...

Thanks in advance..


Deepesh Kumar