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Jun 03, 2013 at 12:34 PM

BO4 - WIS 000002 some objects not available to your user profile. + universe parameters



Have made some universe changes - moving objects between classes and getting above message.

This even as admin user.

Checked couple sap notes -

1848566 and talks about PARAMETER AUTO_UPDATE_QUERY.

When check business layer and data foundation layer cannot see any parameters when look here.

See parameters - list of values ( can see all the list of values).

Don't see any parameters.

Do you need to add them manually?

Also notice is an ADAPT (ADAPT01674279) . sap note 1794820 Would have thought this fixed by sp6 using bo4.0 sp6

Note from sp update is adpat ADAPT01674278 which sounds same but issue still persists.

Workaround having to use is remove an object form query and put back in.