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Jun 03, 2013 at 11:01 AM

How to show the product images in the shop?


Hallo Experts,

I'm creating a Demo Webshop with WCEM 3.0 in ERP backend. I'm the TREX Catalog System. These are the steps I've done so far:


In Web Channel Builder, you have selected SAP ERP as the back end.

You have performed the following SAP ERP related tasks:

- Created a product catalog in SAP ERP ==> OK

For more information, see Creating a TREX Product Catalog.

- Replicated the product catalog from SAP ERP to the TREX server ==> OK

For more information, see Replicating Product Catalogs (SAP ERP to TREX).

- Assigned images to products ==> OK

For more information, see Assigning Images to Products.

- Copied images from the SAP ERP server to the image server: ==> It 's a bit confuse for me how to do this step

You have made the necessary settings in the Product Catalog module of Web Channel Builder. ==> OK


In the webshop I can see the List of the areas of my Catalog but the images I attributed are missing, so it looks like this

How to copy the images from the ERP Server to the image server? I'm really a beginner in WCEM. Can anybody help me to solve this

(PS: Can you also tell me how to reach the web.xml files without installing NWDS? Is this possible? Where are the files related to the demoshop applications stored?)

Thanks in advance and kind regards