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Jun 03, 2013 at 10:27 AM

Search in Crystal Reports 2008



My report has one main report and one sub report and Sub report was placed in the group footer of Main report and it will be refreshed for each agency id.

We have scheduled the report through publication bi-weekly and placed crystal report format in user's inbox in infoview.

This reports is for admin users and they used to receive the 80k-90k pages(40 MB) for each period. When ever he get a call from particular agency , he will search for particular agency id in already generated report. Initially we used default search(ctrl+f) in crystal viewer in infoview but due to sub report its taking very longer time to search. We used saved data in both main report and sub report but the file size is around 780 MB. Now it created the space issue in CMC.

Is there any other option for search in Crystal Reports 2008.