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Jun 03, 2013 at 07:25 AM

SES printout after acceptance


Dear expert,

I have configured to make the SES only can be printed once it is

accepted. Below is the changes done:

1. New Condition table 900 created with field company code and

acceptance. The table generated.

2. Use existing access sequence 0001 and add access number 30 with new

condition table 900 and set it as Exclusive. For field Acceptance, we

set KZABN = A.

3. The output type to be used is NEU which already assigned to access

sequence 0001.

4. Then, we check the flags which assigned to message determination

schema in Assign Schema to Service Entry Sheet.

5. Finally, we set the specific company code with acceptance = A in

Output Condition Record (t-code MN15).

However it is still not workable. Please help.