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Jun 03, 2013 at 07:19 AM

Attribute maintenance SRM 4.0


Hello Experts,

We are on SRM 4.0 Classic scenario with ECC as backend.

We have two company codes(A and B) with Separate purchasing orgs and Purchasing Groups.

Now we have users assigned under these comany codes.

Certain Users have access to both companies, so we have extended users to other company codes as well. (Users under A, can create SC for Company B).

Now for user under Comapny A, we have added cost centers which belong to both companies A and B.

But while creating SC, user see CCs only for A.

As far as my understang goes, If we add Cost centers to user attributes, user can view all the CCs in dropdown list in Cost assignment section of SC. So there is no further filtering of drop down entries based on entities... say Company A or B.

I added user under B, and exended him/her to A. but still user can view CCs for company A.

So I have below things to be clarified:

1. In user attribute maintennace (PPOMA_BBP) If I add attributes like Cost centers or Orders, do they appear in drop down in cost assignment wthout any filtering on company code etc

2. Or system do default check at runtime with back end ECC and displays only valid entries.

3. In this specific case, where irrespective of user assignment under A or B, he/she always see CCs related to Comapny A: do we need to re-desin organization structure etc?

We havnt implemented any BADI to filter these cost elemnts.