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Former Member
Jun 02, 2013 at 07:59 PM

Analytical View


Hi All

Just a couple of questions hit my mid why creating the analytical views.

In the data foundation, am able to add only the table but not the attribute views and in logical view, am able to add attribute view but not tables.

1. Am just assuming that, this is because in the data foundation view we can add only tables which are physically existing and in the logical view we can only logical tables i.e. Attribute view. Just correct me if am wrong ?

2. Out of this two which one will have better performance and how ? I mean, if we create a analytical view with no logical view in it ( mean that am using the direct master data tables in the data foundation and linking them to the fact table) or if we create a analytical view with logical view ( i.e. create a attribute view for the master data tables and use this in logical view while designing the attribute view and linking to the fact table ). Out of these two which one will have better performance.