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Jun 02, 2013 at 06:05 PM

Incorrect Public Key in VS 2010 Installer when using CR_13_0_5.msi



I have a product that has been distributed using a Visual Studio 2010 generated installer, and using the Crystal Reports prerequisite (13_0_1) without error for over a year. We recently had to move the Crystal Report component to the latest one 13_0_5, and updated the developer add in. The product must be able to be installed away from the internet, so the prerequisite uses the local file option.

When I now generate the install file, I receive a warning of a mismatch between the public key in the product.xml file (in the bootstrapper prerequisite file path) and the CRRuntime_32bit_13_0_5.msi stored in the same location.

I noticed that other people had this issue with earlier point releases but nobody has indicated if this is the case with the later point releases. The public key in the product.xml is 30818902818100cbc8f3d8b4bc4db86f150116f4ad7f2fd2d91d29ae6f752c2aa6489cbda10670a0b97b8840d03dd8d082bfb985882b1278504bdd15a1f2a00b629cd70bf26d94b3933a9647a12c819ca67acd1c32ac942e1b824aad4fd8e8a989c45cf4a13770fe2b233f598ea06b62081174be6b7701f347612c126d42c2f9b759ff00164eb30203010001

I have removed and reinstalled Crystal Reports for VS 2010 several times, verifying that the bootstrapper directory is cleared out, but the problem persists. Has anyone else encountered this, or does anyone have any ideas on a possible resolve?