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Jun 02, 2013 at 11:48 AM

Change the Print Parameter in CPS(remove print function/printer) from Job


Hello All,

I need help to do one change in Redwood. I am trying to remove the print parameter from Job chain (JC)/ JD but it's now allowing me to changes the setting in CPS.

Exactly, We have requirement to remove all printers (Print setting) from all batch jobs as it is making printer busy all the time. As while migration i have import all the job from SAP to Redwood with it functionality(which has printing parameter to a specific printer). Now i have tried this to do from many other in ways (like in SAP and import it in CPS and it's works) but i have to do this changes in Redwood as it is for many jobs (more than 1 k jobs) and i can't do this changes in SAP. When I am trying to remove the printing parameter from any job definition in Redwood CPS, it won't work and not allowing to save this changes in CPS.

Please help me on this.