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Former Member
Jun 02, 2013 at 06:59 AM

Read Orders Created for a BP.


Hi Experts,

I need to get all the orders created for BP for a specific Transaction type,within theselected contract start and endates.

For this i am refering to table CRM_ORDER_INDEX in which i can give BP number,Transaction type and Contract start/End dates.

Unfortunalty this table is NOT getting update with contact start date and end dates,therefore i cant get the orders created for a BP for specific process type

for the selected date range.

I dont want to link multiple tables and get the Orders created since that will lead to performance issue.

So 1.Any Idea why CRM_ORDER_INDEX table not updating contract start/end date.

2.Is there any other possible way by which i can get the orders Created with input parameters(BP Number.Transaction type,Contract start/end dates)

3.Do i need to impliment any custom logic for updating CRM_ORDER_INDEX with contract start/end date.

4.Is there any FM which can fullfill my requirement.

Please suggest how can i proceed.Thanks in Advance.