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Jun 02, 2013 at 10:03 AM

Excise Issue


Hello Sap Gurus

My client has Posted RawMaterials to Captial goods,so he had wrongly maintained in J1ID he had Maintained in Capital instead of RAw Material, and Finance People had made Payment to vendor also

So how i need to manage this secnario please help me out

steps to follow

1. shall i use tCode j2i8 for transfer 50% Defer Account to main Account and

2. Cancel Miro if i cancel what implications will come because he already paid to vendor so what i need to do

3. then shall i POST J1IEX and Cancel PART 1and PART 2.

4. Then Cancel MIGO Document

5. change J1id to Raw Material and follow the Process

PLease suggest me what i need to please help me out i am new to CIN