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Jun 01, 2013 at 08:10 PM

3 formulas Issue


Hi Everyone, I got the following scenario: Group1 {Site} Group2 {Staff} Group3 {Code} Details Suppressed Values are placed in Group Footer#3 and some formulas for summaries within Group Footer#2 Subsections The requirement is to provide totals in Group Footer#1 for Group Footer#3 and Group Footer#2 values I've done this successfuly for all values and formulas but one formula within Group Footer#2 Subsections This formula is : @Worked_Days_In_Year = RTWDJan+RTWDFeb --- Till --- +RTWDDec Each running total is a distinct count of {Date_Field} for a particular month And since neither a formula nor a running total can be summarized, so I've used the 3 formulas trick (manual running total) Formula 1 Whileprintingrecords; Numbervar Worked:=0 placed in Group Header#1 to reset the total Formula 2 Whileprintingrecords; Numbervar Worked:= Worked+{@Worked_Days_In_Year} placed in Group Footer#2 Subsection where the formula resides Formula 3 Whileprintingrecords; Numbervar Worked; placed in Group Footer#1 Subsection to get the sum of the formula then I ended up with no sum! meaning if I have within the {Site} Group, no of 3 Staff with a formula for each (1, 33, 172) I get (172) in the Group Footer#1 Subsection instead of (206) Apart from all of that I've tried to use a running total to discount count the {DateField} and evaluate for each record and reset on Group#1 but it also returns 172 instead of 206 I hope this isn't confusing