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Jun 01, 2013 at 07:48 PM

Loyalty Management - Error when saving Reward Rule


Hi Experts,

I have created a new dynamic attribute with ID: Z_DEMO_COUNTER (see attachment). This dynamic attribute is assigned to my loyalty program and this attribute is updated correctly.

Now I want to create a new reward rule that triggers the change of the tier level of the membership when a specific points amount is reached (see also attachment). When I try to save the reward I receive the error message that ID XXX is initial, unknown or it does not have the correct object type. It also says 'Error when saving rule version'.

The same error I receive, if I try to add the dynamic attribute to the formula of my reward rule that updates the dynamic attribute (see attachment 2). So I assume the dynamic attribute is wrong defined in customizing?

What does that supose to mean?

My thread seems to be related to this thread: Error Handling in SAP CRM Loyalty Management seems to be not sufucient as it does not explain the error so a user can understand what to do here.

Any help is greatly appreciated.




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