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Jun 01, 2013 at 10:52 AM



Hello Friends, I am working on a JDBC-->RFC--->IDOC scenario where we have two database tables one of them contains the project ID and another table contains the milestones correspond to a particular Project ID.Now I need to select the data of two tables with a single communication channel and I want to get the Project ID,corresponding milestones for the project ID. The project ID will call an RFC and will return some data that I need to send to ECC by an IDOC. The milestones correspond to a particular project ID also need to send to a single idoc with the RFC return data. What I am doing is : I have created two message type for two different Database table. One of them will take Project ID as input and will call an RFC.So I did an RFC lookup and linked the return of the RFC ,directly to the corresponding fields in the IDOC. on the other had,I need to get all the milestones corresponding to a particular Project ID, and need to send to the same IDOC. So, here are my questions : 1.Could you please help,how I can select the data from two different table with a single query? 2.Do I need a BPM in this scenario for a loop on the Project ID, and to generate 1 IDOC for each project ID and it's corresponding milestones? 3.When I choose two different message type in the source structure,the target structure put an header with Message and message 1 over the idoc structure,is it normal? do you think,I need to delete the header on the idoc to post it successfully in ECC? If you think of any other thing,I need to add in my scenario or have any doubt to understand the scenario please do let me know ! Thanks & regards, Sambaran