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Jun 01, 2013 at 09:38 AM

Where does the "Likes" column come from?


The list of a community's discussions shows the following columns: Title, Author, Likes, Bookmarks, Replies, Views and Latest activity.

In the list for the SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere community the "Likes" column shows zero for all the discussions, in spite of the fact that I have clicked "Like" inside more that one discussion, and the green "Liked" number shows 1.

I have also clicked on the BookFace "Like" icon, and clicked "Exceptional" on the Rating, and clicked "Like" on all the replies.

Is this a spam prevention thing? (doubt it)

Or an artifact of batch processing? (probably not)

Or am I missing something obvious? (always a good bet)

Or does one have to be liked first, in order to like someone else? ...well, that would kinda mimic real life 😊

UPDATE: Clicking on "Like" doesn't just make the green "Liked" number go up by 1, it also seems to instantly increase the author's "Lifetime Points" by 2, so I don't think there's any deep issue here.