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Jun 01, 2013 at 10:33 AM

BO4 - Deny access to CMC to standard users and delete privilege



Having a look at admni guide and see overal apendix of all the varios rights (ch 27) - e.g create reports, edit reports.

Have a few questions.

1) We wish to give access to the Writes group permission to create and delete own reports in theire departmental folder but not have permission to delete

reports owned by other users in that department. We are using custom access levels and need to ensure the appropriate rights are in these access levels. How is this best achieved with regards delete privilege? Is it the case that by default a user cannot delete objects they don't own?

Is it a case of ensuring right delete objects is not set but dlete objects taht user owns is set?

2) Denying access to CMC is this best done done via Applications/CMC/ and remove access to Everone group to cmc. Just want to check before do this will can still use as Administrator users. Is this the case?