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Jun 01, 2013 at 07:39 AM

unable to execute ke27 in background


we are executing report ke27 in background, after half an hours job auto canceled and generates error in sm37

Date Time Message text Message class Message no. Message typ

01.06.2013 12:03:01 Job started 00 516 S 01.06.2013 12:03:01 Step 001 started (program RKEGESPL, variant &0000000000028, user ID user-01) 00 550 S 01.06.2013 12:18:52 You do not have authorization to display all specified logs BL 034 S 01.06.2013 12:18:52 You are not authorized to display the specified log BL 037 E 01.06.2013 12:18:52 Job cancelled after system exception ERROR_MESSAGE 00 564 A

so on ke27 and sp01 full authorization assigned to user and tried again to execute report but same error as above.

Please guide