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Jun 01, 2013 at 03:48 AM

transfer legacy assets using t-code AS100



When transfering legacy assets using t-code AS100

the file structure is like

0 legacy asset number
1 header data-company code header data-main asset number header data-asset subnumber header data-asset class origin-account number of vendor net worth valuation-Property indicator origin-original asset that was transferred num origin-original asset that was transferred subnum invest.Inv. order general data-base unit of measure inventory-inventory indicator general data-inventory number origin-company id of trading partner general data-Asset description general data-additional asset description general data-Asset main number text general data-Serial no. general data-Quantity 2 time-dependent data-cost center time-dependent data-plant time dependent data-Asset shutdown Posting information-asset capitalization date posting information-Deact.Date posting information-Original acquisition date of AuC transferred asset

Then after finish and save the field assignment, not even 1 record could be read from the excel file to SAP.

click Test run botton said no error, click on create botton said no error, too. for not a single record has been read.

The message is ironically "Upload from file D:\as100.XLS was successful".

In the uploading file there's a blank line between the header section and the data section . The format of the cell is text.

I've read the online help, but can't understand what's going wrong here. Could anyone help me? Thanks.