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May 31, 2013 at 07:42 PM

Regarding Partial Period Factoring(Payroll:International)


Dear SAP HR Bretheren,

Please guide me with your suggestions for the scenario below. This is related to Partial period factoring.

For all the leaves Basic, HRA and Conveyance are to be factored.

Only for Late attendance Basic should be factored.

Settings currently made:

All 3 wage types in Processing class 10 are with value A

In XPPF in the PCR for /801 and type U the necessary code is written

Absence valuation rule are TKAU** are defined with respective rules in the place for **.

I'm able to achieve for the first scenario where all 3 are factored but the second Is not schieved...

Kindly suggest guidelines fro your consulting experience.

Note: No Time Evaluation.