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May 31, 2013 at 08:30 PM

Connect to Unwired Server from Local Machine


Hi There,

I am using Sybase Unwired WorkSpace 2.2 which I have setup on an Amazon Web Service instance using the steps in this document:

My instance is running fine, and I am able to connect my Unwired Server when I log on through the remote desktop connection which connects me into my AWS instance.

The SUP 2.2 came installed on my remote desktop so I also installed it using the default settings.

I am able to connect to my ECC server through SUP but I am unable to connect to my Unwired Server. I have opened my ports to all traffic, I have disabled my client firewall and yet I still can't connect to it, using the same settings that work on the AWS Remote Desktop.

The only difference between the settings on the AWS Remote Desktop and the settings in my SUP WorkSpace is the cluster information. On my local machine server host is filled, the protocol contains https and the Replication and Messaging Ports are different. However, I am unable to change that cluster information on my local installation.

I have noted that when I connect to my SCC, it needs to go through a secure http connection, so modifying my cluster information may help.

Can anyone tell me a) what my problem is or b) if there is any way to change my cluster information.

Many thanks for any help provided to this eager Newbie!