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May 31, 2013 at 03:34 PM

RF connectivity Options


We are considering RF devices for our warehouse. We are on ECC 6.0. According to basis, we have the all the required components to use the integrated ITS. i.e. we don’t need any middleware. Would like to explore different architecture options to connect to our SAP instance using the RF device. Based on our reading so far, currently we are considering two options for our proof of concept.

1. Integrated ITS

2. Connecting via SAP Console (Telnet session)

Can anyone share high level architecture details for any of the options?

For the Integrated ITS looks like we have all the required components to connect from RF device to SAP. But, we haven’t been successful so far. Anyone using Integrated ITS in their warehouse and their experience so far (performance, connectivity, user satisfaction)?

For the SAPconsole option –we have setup an NT server. The SAPconsole software will be installed on the NT server (which will be the middleware between the RF device and SAP). The notes are suggesting that we need telnet software installed. Not sure where are we suppose to install the telnet software? It must be on the NT server or it should be on a different server.

Any information will be helpful.