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May 31, 2013 at 12:42 PM

Printing issue in Smartforms


Dear Experts,

I have a issue in smartform printing.

Whenever I take a printout from Laser Printer the font of the printout appears to be perfectly fine but whenever I take a printout from Dot Matrix Printer then the font appears to be smokey as if the print is in 3D format.

Secondly, I am printing a GR form through Dot Matrix Printer and the page format in the smartform is of

25 CM width &

15 CM Height..

i.e. on A4 size of paper 2 GR's forms will get printed and it gets printed on Pre-printed paper..

But the issue is whenever 2 GR's are printed, first GR gets printed on the 1st pre-printed form and the second GR gets printed on the 3rd Pre-Printed form.

second forms is left blank while printing the 2 GR's..