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May 31, 2013 at 11:53 AM

Container Management after Splitting an SFC into two.


Hello all,

I created a scenario in which a Shop Order was released with Lot size 3. A single SFC(SFC_1) was generated and processed. And later attached to a Container with Carrier ID (say CONT1) and the container was closed for subsequent operations.

After processing on two operations, the container was opened.
SFC was split into 2, and I tried to repack this child SFC( SFC_1_child) into another container with a different ID (say CONT2). This container already had an SFC (SFC_2) packed into it. So i reopened the container. And added this new split SFC( SFC_1_child) with Qty 1.

But now while retriving the container(CONT2) details from Pack/Unpack Activity in ME 6.0,

I keep on getting an error, Wrong Packing Level value, and cannot see any SFC.

But the database table shows both the SFCs(SFC_2 and SFC_1_child) packed into CONT2 with Status 'Open' with Qty as 3&1 respectively.

Please help.