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May 31, 2013 at 10:31 AM

Can moderators score points in different ways ?


Hi there

Is it possible for Moderators to score points in different ways from non-moderators ? or can Moderators only score points as follows


Points Awarded

Discussion posts

Points assigned by the original poster of the thread, or by a moderator

· 5 points - helpful answer (limit 15 times per thread)

· 10 points correct answer (once per thread)

Community Topic Blog / Document

· 10 points

· Additional feedback points given by the community

Wiki contributions

· 40 points - page publication (limit of 120 points per day)

· 2 points - page edit/update (limit of 10 points per day)

Taking the annual SCN Survey

· 10 points

Was this ever possible ? - even before the new SCN/JIVE platform ?

Also what constitutes an edit/update in a Wiki ? - can you provide some examples ?

Best wishes