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May 31, 2013 at 09:47 AM

About rowSelectable property of tables and dynamic binding


Hi all experts,

here's a typical requirement I deal with most frequently: inhibit selection of specific rows in a table on the basis of certain criteria, which should be evaluated at runtime.

In order to do so, there's a specific property for tables, which is rowSelectable, that we could bind to a WDY_BOOLEAN attribute that should belong to the row itself.

That's the scenario.

Applying to the real context, most of the times the table represents a Context node which has type of a standard DB structure.

Given that:

- the DB structure is standard and has no unused "free" fields that can be used for the binding;

- you cannot add a free custom attribute under a standard node which has a standard type;

- you cannot even update fields selection for that node via enhancement.

What's the best way, in your opinion, to obtain the desired behaviour? Basically, what's the most effective way to have an attribute which is in 1:1 relation with a row?