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Former Member
May 31, 2013 at 09:17 AM

2LIS_05_Q0NOTIF Data is not filling?


Hello Experts,

Here is my issue;

Data Source: 2LIS_05_Q0NOTIF

Extract Structure: MC05Q00NTF

Assumed Table used for this data source: QMEL

Custom extraction using functional module

Functional Module: MCEX_BW_LO_API

Fields has this issue: EKORG – Purchase Organisation

KUNUM – Customer

LIFNUM – Vendor

ROCANCEL – Indicator: Cancel Data Record

SPART – Division

VKORG – Sales Organisation

VTWEG – Distribution Channel

Issue: Data source is not updating the data for the above mentioned fields which was
entered manually in the assumed table using transaction code SE16.

The possible cause for this issue would be that the
assumed table is not feeding the data to the data source as the data source
generated by functional module extraction with ABAP coding. This issue will be
resolved when we find the exact table rather than assumed table which is
feeding the data to this data source.

in this case, how can we find which table is feeding the data to this datasource.

Thanks in Advance