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May 31, 2013 at 08:29 AM

BADI IF_EX_SMOD_PCPO0001 add parameter to method EXIT_RPCIPE00_002


Dear ABAP OO gurus,

I need help in activating the modificated method.

Because of a system change in the FI/CO-system costcenters have changed. In posting recalculations we need to replace old costcenters by new ones.

I would like to do this in a userexit 2 of rpcipe00, items is not a changing parameter but an input.

I added a new parameter kostl similar to ZUONR in the method EXIT_RPCIPE00_002 and I modified CL_HRPAY99_POSTING_ENGINE_PP call_exit_two. When activating the interface, in the implementation of the BADI ZCL_IM_xxxx there occurs the error for that export parameter: "field unknown" and in CL_EX_SMOD_PCPO0001 method IF_EX_SMOD_PCPO0001-EXIT_RPCIPE00_002 too, "no data definition".

I don't find where to define or activate.

Thanks for your help.