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May 31, 2013 at 04:52 AM

Create and update operations for nested objects.


Dear Experts,

Plesae share your ideas and best practices for mapping the create and update operation for nested objects in Gateway, especially when using Service Builder tool (SEGW) approach. I could not find a clear direction on how to map the Create and update operation for nested objects.

As you must be aware SAP RFCs or APIs will not accept part of the data to create an Object (sometimes this is true for Updates also) in such cases how do we map the primary entity and related entities together (header and line items for example). I went through the guide suggesting using the create_deep_entity method, but this used a code based approach where as SEGW uses autogenerated classes.

In another discussion Jibin recomended using batch request, but am not clear on the approach. Hence starting this thread to get sugessions to guides, inputs or constructive discussion on this topic.

Waiting for your inputs and advise...