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May 31, 2013 at 12:06 AM

Does anybody know what key information are used to reverse BOE(Bill of Exchange) liability in F-20?


Hi experts,

I would like to know what key information is used to reverse BOE liability in F-20 transaction.

We do process BOE as follows:

F-36 - create BOE Receivable

F-33 - create BOE Discount Liability

F-20 - Reverse liability or (use F_72 or S_ALR_87012211 to reverse bill liability)

When we create BOE Liability by F-33, the accounting document number is copied to an accounting document created by F-36 as "used on" document number. So, I assume that SAP uses this document number and due date to find a match between BOE receivable and BOE liability. But, I was not sure if this theory is correct.

Can anyone explain the logic behind F-20?

Thank you for your kind support.