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May 30, 2013 at 08:48 PM

Problems with DSO rule group after dataflow migration of Cube 0PUR_C01 (Purchasing Data)


Hi experts,

I have migrated the 3.x Dataflow of InfoCube 0PUR_C01 (Purchasing Data) into the 7.x Dataflow.

Now my Dataflow look like this:

1. Item Level: DataSource 2LIS_02_ITM -> InfoSource 2LIS_02_ITM -> DSO ZPUR_O01 (Position) -> InfoCube ZPUR_C01
2. Schedule Line Level: DataSource 2LIS_02_SCL -> InfoSource 2LIS_02_SCL -> DSO ZPUR_O02 (Schedule Line Level) -> InfoCube ZPUR_C01

In the migrated Transformation between InfoSource 2LIS_02_ITM and DSO ZPUR_O01 (Position) I have two rule groups.

In the first Rule Group (Standard Group), the Time characteristics (0CALDAY, 0CALMONTH, 0CALWEEK) are based on the Source Time Characteristic 0ENTRY_DATE (Date on which the purchasing document was created) of the InfoSource 2LIS_02_ITM (= Source field SYDAT "Entry date" of the DataSource 2LIS_02_ITM):

In the second Rule Group, the Time Characteristics (0CALDAY, 0CALMONTH, 0CALWEEK) are based on the Source Time Characteristic 0DOC_DATE (Document Date) of the InfoSource 2LIS_02_ITM (= Source field BEDAT Document Date of the DataSource 2LIS_02_ITM):

The Data records of the DataSource 2LIS_02_ITM (one example purchasing order with one purchasing document item):

- First data record: = purchasing order (Transfer process 1)

- Second data record: = goods receipt (Transfer process 2)

- Third data record: = Invoice receipt (Transfer process 3)


Now, my problem is that the first rule group (InfoSource -> DSO) does not work correctly!

In the DSO, for all three transfer processes (0PROCESSKEY), the Time Charactersitic 0CALDAY is the result of the source Field 0ENTRY_DATE or BEDAT:

But that is incorrect.

I expected as the correct result of the two rule groups, that 0CALDAY should filled in the DSO as follows:

- First data record: 0CALDAY = 20.08.2010 (0PROCESSKEY = 1)
- Second data record: 0CALDAY = 10.01.2011 (0PROCESSKEY = 2)
- Third data record: 0CALDAY = 04.02.2011 (0PROCESSKEY = 3)

By the way, my key fields of the DSO are 0PROCESSKEY (Transaction Key), 0DOC_ITEM (Document Item Number) and 0DOC_NUM (Document Number). In a test scenario I have interrupted the Transformation between 0DOC_DATE and 0CALDAY in the second Rule Group. After reloading the data into the DSO, the Time Characteristic 0CALDAY was the result of the first Rule group (0CALDAY = 0ENTRY_DATE). But this is not the appropriate solution.

Can someone please help to resolve the issue?

Many thanks in advance!

Best regards,


RouleGroup2.png (41.4 kB)
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