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May 30, 2013 at 01:24 PM

MRP Flow


Dear Expert

My question is:

My client would to satisfy an the request generated of indipendent requirements.

For example I put indipendent requirement on date 20.06.2013.

The system generate through the transaction MD02 the purchase requisition with delivery date 20.06.2013 and with the purchase creation dte the date of the day when the mrp was run for example 01.06.2013. Now the user must be create the purchase order before the 20.06.2013 because the vendor need many day to transport the goods.For example the purchase order must be done wthin the date 10.06.2013 because the vendor need 10 days in order to transport the goods.

In the transaction MD04 I haven't the information when the user must be create the purchase order

So i have

Plant stock

delivery date of purchase requisition 20.06.2013

Indipendent requirement 20.06.2013

But it miss the day that the order must be create ( 10.06.2013) how can i to do it?

Thank so much