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May 30, 2013 at 09:13 AM

Frequent CMS crashes on BOXI 3.1 SP5 - link with AD synch?



We're investigating the quite frequent crashes of our CMS, because of running into memory problems with our BOXI 3.1 SP5 FP5.3 clustered environment, running on Windows 2008 32-bit.

If we map the crashes of the CMS and the Windows Eventlogs, we see that shortly before the crash there were AD synchs happening, and in other logs we have we see an increase in memory usage of the CMS process. We also noticed that even though we schedule the synch's of the AD graph and aliases to just happen once a day, these synchs happen more frequent at a random interval.

Because of this we suspect there to be a link between the AD synchs and the increase in memory usage of the CMS until it crashes because it bumps the 2GB memory limit on a 32-bit environment.

Another strange thing we noticed is that if we check the history of the AD synch application we only see runs at the times we entered in the recurring schedule.

Are there any other organistations running in similar issues (CMS crashes) with their BOXI 3.1 environments?

We logged a ticket with SAP, but it currently is not getting us anywhere.