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May 30, 2013 at 04:39 AM

help required to understand the idoc inbound orders creating a sales order



I am basically a PI resource, trying to understand more of the ECC side of things 😊.. i hope the below question makes sense.

I have an inbound PO Idoc created and the Idoc goes to status 53 . The order document is created successfully. However, when i go to that particular Sales order in va02, the material it shows is different from what i have sent in E1EDP19 -003 - EAN code of material. Basically it is a dummy material getting populated.

So in order to understand the process more, i tried to access one of the materials using mm03 filtering with the sales org and division number. I got one such material and ean number. I used it in my input and the idoc when reached ECC went to status 51. The error says V1 155 - "

Credit check: maximum document value exceed"

I tried to understand what that is about, going to fd32 and several other blogs/posts. But i am completely confused on what is happening. First, why is it that a dummy gets created. I can assume that it is because that particular EAN code is not maintained in the ECC system. But then when i update just the material number of the message, how does this new credit check issue come into picture. I tried to go through the ABAP process code happening with the orders, but it just puts me into more confusion.

Please let me know if this is a trivial issue on the ECC side 😊 or what tcodes/processes can i check to know more