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May 30, 2013 at 04:38 AM

Assertion Failed Runtime error in XD02


Hi All,

I am getting runtime error ASSERTION_FAILED in XD02 after enter the details in the initial screen and hit enter button.

When i checked the Dump analysis it is stating that

The following checkpoint group was used: "No checkpoint group specified"

If in the ASSERT statement the addition FIELDS was used, you can find
the content of the first 8 specified fields in the following overview:
" (not used) "
" (not used) "
" (not used) "
" (not used) "
" (not used) "
" (not used) "
" (not used) "
" (not used) "

And as mentioned in dump ..

I checked SAP notes with the Key words


"CVI_KA_BP_CUSTOMER============CP" or "CVI_KA_BP_CUSTOMER============CM00Z"


But I did not find any SAP notes relevant to this.

And the Information on where terminated is
Termination occurred in the ABAP program "CVI_KA_BP_CUSTOMER============CP" -
The main program was "SAPMF02D ".

In the source code you have the termination point in line 6
of the (Include) program "CVI_KA_BP_CUSTOMER============CM00Z".

And I seen the error message also in the dump history..




SY-MSGV1 3050961

when i checked the message in R1 message class it is stating that

201 :Business partner &1 does not exist

How to correct the error.

And one more thing is first time when we enter XD02 and giving details and hit enter button it is not going to dump and again immediately if we come back and enter the details in XD02 and hit enter button it is going to Dump.

And again after some time if we enter XD02 and giving details it is not going to dump.

Is there will be any time intervals will be there between the displaying the data from the same transactions..

Can any one pls let me know.