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May 29, 2013 at 07:41 PM

How do I Create New Infotype Menu Tab for PA20-PA30 for Additional Country


Hope someone can help. We have PA20/PA30 configured currently for UGR 10 (MOLGA 10) to display a time management infotype menu tab and it works fine. We need an additional tab for a new country, UGR and MOLGA 15.

Under SPRO – Personnel Mgmt – Pers Admin – Customizing Procedures – Infotype Menus – Infotype Menu

  • User group dependency values are: Menu:09, Text Time Mgmt. User-dep.: Checked Reaction: blank, Ref: 00
  • Infotype Menu – Menu Type I, Menu 09

There are existing records for UGR 10, I added the infotypes needed for UGR 15 similar to ones for UGR 10 – example: User Group: 15, No.: 01, Infotype: 0007, Screen: blank

I did get the message “There are no entries for the Reference User Group”. But didn’t think it’s an issue.

I don’t see any entries for the menu I’m working on “09” in the section “Determine choice of infotype menus” for Menu Type “S” for the existing menus we have for UGR 10, so have not added anything here.

I have run transaction SU3 and set UGR = 15. Running PA20, the time tab that I created in T588B does not show up. I saw a note that Transaction PM01 enables you to set up infotype menus, but couldn’t find anything for menus with it.

Seems I may need to relate the menu 09 to UGR 15 somehow. Could someone tell me what should be done? Thanks!