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May 29, 2013 at 10:28 PM

CK11N: Overhead for material with procurement type X, SPK 20 on BOM


We have a Bill of Material where the same component can be procured in one instance, and yet produced in-house in another instance.

In material master, this component has procurement type X (ie, can be either produced in-house, or externally procured , in MRP2 view),

On the BOM, we have 2 separate lines for the same component :

A. BOM line item special procurement key 20 (when we want to procure externally). We want the overhead cost to be calculated for this case.

B. BOM line item with no value in special procurement (when we want to build ie, explode the sub-assembly). We do NOT want overhead costs to be calculated for this case.

In OKKN, in the valuation variant (Overhead tab), we have assigned standard costing sheet PP-PC1 for the Finished/Semifinished materials. This has no overhead calculation. For Overhead on Material Components, we assigned a Costing sheet(ZOVERHEAD), which calculates overhead. We have overhead rates setup with tcode KZZ2.

The problem is,when running CK11N for the parent, for the component line item A (above), costing sheet PP-PPC1 is being selected even though we have set the special procurement to 20 . What needs to be done to force a component with Special procurement 20 on the BOM (and procurement type X on material master), to select the ZOVERHEAD costing sheet, so that overhead costs are calculated for this. Any ideas on configuration of the costing sheet etc, or user exits/BADIs to control this, will be appreciated.

Thank you