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Kits containing items which are regulated by DG

I am reaching out to see how others may have configured kits containing hazardous materials. Our requirement would be to execute the DG checks for the components within the kit and produce the required labels. I am initially thinking of creating either an APO SO kit or a SO BOM and developing some custom programming to extract the label information and DG check.

Thanks in advance for you input,


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    Posted on Jun 09, 2013 at 06:28 PM

    Dear Chris

    DG check check for "dangerous materials" not "hazardous one" (this is more relate to SAP EHS HSM).

    In any case: "old discussion". There are some similar thread in this FORUM. Here is only one example:

    and a "related" one:

    a.) the whole story begins with: how did you define the material ? Do you use e.g. configurable materials?

    b.) what is the link of the kit (material) to EHS? Which set up you have used?

    c.) do you use BOMBOS to reflect such kits?

    etc. etc.

    What do you mean with "label"? GLM EHS related labels; GLM DG related lables or other ones?

    First we need a robust definition of a "kit". There are many on the road. E.g. a two component glue can be sold as a "kit" ec. other examples exist as well.

    Hope this helps as a starting point


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    • Dear Christopher

      I checked a little the APO topic and found this one

      Definition here: Kits consist of a number of components. (in other term: there is a mterial having a BOM) and in SD / APO process the material can be placed

      The DG, HSM etc. topic in EHS regarding such material is "interesting" and per company different business decisions come up. Interesting is that SAP provides "similar" solutions like "HU" Handling (which does have some "overlap" to the KIT definition) which are supported e.g in DG checks etc. (please check SAP online help if needed)

      From legal point of view most companies try to do it like this:

      a.) the kit is one material number and related to a REAL_SUB; the REAL_SUB does get a MSDS (because this material is sold to customer and therefore the MSDS must communicate anything regarding that material)

      b.) second: many companies uses BOMBOS; the BOM items are once again material numbers; and therefore for "header material" using the BOM you can generate a BOS (based on BOM items) in EHS and then go on with further activities

      c.) now regarding e.g. WM, eWM and other stuff: the BOM items are in most cases stored; therefore you need per BOM item as well a REAL_SUB to generate a "Hazardous material master" (check fo suitable storage location) ; the same is true in moste cases regarding DG as the BOM Items can be transported etc.

      d.) now on Kit "header" there are many approaches to go on in DG topics. option one is: use the "worst" case of REAL_SUB in DG checks and on documents; or as you seems to plan, try to drill down per component; then execute DG check per component and then "collect" result to get DG block (or not).

      e.) Label topic: In most case we are talking about EH&S product safety labels and DG labels as well; this is now "quite" tricky; as with "d.)" some companies print on DG label the "worst case" result; some other attach to the material the "material specific" DG label; the same is true with product safety related labels

      In any case. This type of material gives rise normally to start a project to think about the different demands regarding that and to find solutions for that. The complexity of the procect to be started depends on the recent SAP landscape your are using

      Some other similar issues can come up in EHS SVT as well (and if yo uuse SAP GTS you need to check further processes as well)