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May 29, 2013 at 03:32 PM

bsp upload with multiple start pages for SAPUI5 app ?


I am having trouble with the SAPUI5 Team provider upload:

Extending the simplest of demos,

i have "copied" "index.html" in the SAPUI5 eclipse project to


Both are in WebContent

(The project was already shared and uploaded before).

When "submit" ing the project to the backend.

The new page "eventi.html" is created as a Page Fragement in the backend, not as "Page with Flow Logic".

I have can manually change the type in the backend (SE80) to be able to start


However, after a new "submit" the setting is reset to "Page Fragment" an i cannot use the 2nd page as start page.

How do i configure the client to take a given html page as a BSP "Page with Flow Logic" ?

(I have tried to list both in Welcome file list ( web.xml), to no avail :-(





Any help would be appreciated?

Or is this a missing functionality?