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May 29, 2013 at 02:38 PM

Call BI report passing parameters


Good morning, I have a trouble to pass parameters to BI report. I'm able to call BI report, but not to pass the BP number. 1) In the table CRMV_BI_REPORTS i defined the key ZTEST that call the BI QUERY. 2)In the table CRMV_UI_LLINK I defined the menu, TYPE: D REPORT BI ID DEST: DISPLAY Parameter ZTEST (my link to query) Class CL_CRM_GEN_UI_BI_UTIL Now in the menu, I'm able to call the query BI. If in the class CL_CRM_GEN_UI_BI_UTIL method CREATE_BI_ENTITY i put an break point, I can set the field lv_struct_ref->*-addparameter. So, I need to pass the BP number, as test case I tried to valorize the field lv_struct_ref->*-addparameter with the value: &VARIABLE_SCREEN=X&VAR_NAME_1=Z0BPARTNER_SO_001&VAR_VALUE_EXT_1=11&VAR_NODE_IOBJNM_1=0BPARTNER or with the value: &VAR_NAME_1=Z0BPARTNER_SO_001&VAR_VALUE_EXT_1=11 without success, the variable Z0BPARTNER_SO_001 of the report BI is not valorized.. How I can pass a value to the BI report? Many thanks Marco