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May 29, 2013 at 02:20 PM

Crystal 2008 - Parameter not Hidden


I am using Crystal Reports 2008 (version to pass a parameter from the URL into the report and into an Oracle stored procedure.

The parameter is the USERNAME from an application table of application users. It will be used in the stored procedure to limit the data returned from the associated view.

The problem is that I do not want the user to be able to change this parameter - so I want it to be HIDDEN - not included on the parameter input for the report. I have the parameter working - coming in from the URL, passed into the Stored Procedure and limiting the returned view information. When I edit the parameter, I set the "Show on (Viewer) Panel" to "Do not show" - expecting the parameter to be hidden, but when I run the report, the parameter is listed in the "Enter Values" panel - and is editable by the user running the report - first from the Crystal Reports designer - via "Report -> Refresh Report Data" - and also when I deploy the report to the Business Objects server and use the viewrpt.cwr page - same results - I can see the parameter and still can change it. It would be OK if the user just saw the parameter and could not change it.

"MyUserName" is passed in this mocked-up URL:

Is this a BUG? Has it been fixed?

Is there any way to get a Parameter to not be shown on the "Edit Values" panel of parameter inputs? Or at least make it read-only?

Am I missing something here?


- Paul J